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About Us
Bizinnet started in year 2003 providing online shopping for the busy and new generation shoppers.  Our products include fashion wear, homecare products, wellness products, enrichment material, gift items and etc.
Over the years, our customers have come from 19 countries from East to West and North to South around the world.
Bizinnet trade under following websites :,,, and and
Our sub-sites include: and
Our Vision has a vision to create a new shopping culture for our new generation and generations to come. We are working to become not only a leading online shop in Singapore, but also to be a preferred shopping experience of the world by providing a service that touches our customers' heart.
Our Missions
To provide and introduce an enjoying, convenient, contemporary and easy online shopping experience at the most convenient time and places for busy shoppers of the new generation.
To provide solutions for the new generation of shoppers whose needs and wants grow beyond conventional retail shops can offer.
To serve our customers with our passion, care and serving their growing needs of our new generation of shoppers in this digital age and beyond.
Our Core Values
Integrity We abide and uphold our moral principles in all aspect of our doings.
Trust Customers can count on us for providing our best service and product quality at all time.
Passion Our team are committed to serve our customer with full passion and enthusiasm.
Innovation We encourage and create new ideas to promote a better shopping experience.
Friendliness We treat our customers as friends and part of our family, giving a shop-at-home feel to the new shopping experience.
Respect - We respect our customers and their needs and place our customer's benefits as our top priority.
Our Social Responsibility
We are greatly concerned about the earth's environment and we have adopted the save the trees approach.  Supporting this role, we have stopped issuing hard copy of documents and do not use fanciful packaging.
The entire world has light bulks and electricity because of one person [Thomas Edison] who did not give up.
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bizinnet Online Shopping
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